About S.B.Institute

S.B.Institute is one of the best coaching center in Lucknow. We offer guidance to those students who are aspiring for IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM (Mathematics and Statistics), IIT-GATE(Mathematics,), UGC-NET,UPSC for all higher level competitive exam. We at S.B.Institute strongly believe that a blend of conceptual knowledge and right approach is essential for overall development of individual and immensely important to make him successful in the competitive world.. It is India's largest result producing organization for higher level exams like IIT-JEE,IIT-JAM, NET and GATE. The foundation of S.B.Institute was laid with the aim of developing competitive thinking and strategic analytical approach that are required effectively to today's global competitive environment . The program structure of S.B. institute endeavors to combine insights from a number of academic disciplines and functional areas and equip the students with tools to effectively areas and equip the students with tools to effectively analyze various facets of the competition. it balance conceptual a practical skills and also focuses on developing following competencies, essential for today's enviroment.